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. and in that clip, i've been in comedy clubs where that has happened. and sometimes people don't sit in that front row because you know it will happen. and i think for the happen and for the comedy in the film, they use it but i have seen stuff like that happen. there was a comedy club in l.a. called the comedy act theater with michael will whams. robin harris was the emcee there and he would do that to people all the time and he was a genius comedian. it was walking right up to the line and knowing when not to cross the line. >> what advice do you have for it though, so you don't cross it? >> i think it's a matter of taste. everybody has different tastes. i think the best comedians, they understand the audience -- push the audience and put audience only so much and i think some guys go across the line but the really great comedian, i think about you know, chris rock or i think about dave chappell or mike epps or even kevin hart, they can walk right up to that line and not cross it and still have everybody enjoy the joke, even the person they are making fun of. >> with the hollywood shuffle, you a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1